Kronocard Pro Lite

With 10,000 AI documentation credits per year!

A world-first system that helps collectors document their cards using machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision!

Windows 7 or more require

A revolutionary system that documents your cards using artificial intelligence. Our server will attempt to identify your cards and insert the information automatically into Kronocard!

Scanning using flatbed and auto-feeder scanners

Sell on and eBay

Subscribe to eBay connector

Manage offers Manage orders

Powerful cards shipper

Backup mechanism

Unlimited cards in Kronocard

Advanced card search. (Build your own searches)

Sales report.

Status icons in the Scan Groups window are clickable and open a group edition window.

Edit group button in the message center

Status filters in the Location (Box) window

Extended buyer view in an Order Archive window

The time you could save using the AI documentation.

" I love Kronocard and am addicted to it. It helps my card business so much. Kronocard has changed my business positively."


" Hands down the best inventory management software we have used. Bernard and the company have been the best in terms of customer service. Everything has been running smoothly and has helped grow our card business. Thank you, guys!!! "

Baseball Hall of Fames

" We list anywhere from 1- 3 thousand cards a week on eBay, and it would take me literally weeks to do what Kronozio allows me to do in a matter of hours. Kronozio allows me to actually serve our customers in a timely manner! "


Kronocard Pro Lite$149

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